Meet Our Global Fellows

Our MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellows have come from over 21 countries, represented 30 industries, and contributed millions of dollars worth of professional skills and know-how to communities around the world -- while furthering their own world-positive careers in the process. See our amazing alumni community below!

Cohort 1: January 2017 Kickoff in Seattle

Karen Betancourt
Expertise: Operations & Program Management

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Regula Enneturgen
Expertise: Finance & Business Strategy

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Davide Strusani
Expertise: Impact Investing & Strategy

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Devesh Rathore
Expertise: Technical Program Management

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Christie Ferreira
Expertise: Project Management & Clinical Research

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Venetia Breene
Expertise: Marketing & Communications

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Michelle Abramson
Expertise: Program Management

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Tommy Yacoe
Expertise: Videography & Photography

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Jamie Daughtery
Expertise: Healthcare Management

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Heather Watkins
Expertise: Marketing Strategy & Demand Generation

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Mirna Franic
Expertise: Communications & Facilitation

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Jessica Elliott
Expertise: Architecture & Design

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Celia Bastis
Expertise: Strategic Planning & Change Management

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Cohort 2: June 2017 Kickoff in Seattle

Shalini Krishnan
Expertise: UX Design & Research

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Kathy Thrailkill
Expertise: Marketing & Business Operations

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Sumit Kumar
Expertise: Software Development & Engineering

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Brigette Lynch
Expertise: Finance & Management Consulting

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Alejandro Acosta
Expertise: Software Development & Technology

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Caitlin Halpert
Expertise: Digital Marketing & Technology

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Kristin Bredemeier
Expertise: Organizational Change & Innovation

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Nche Onyema
Expertise: Marketing & Community Engagement

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Jill Ritchot
Expertise: Communications & Policy

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Kelly Shannon
Expertise: Financial Analysis & Strategic Partnerships

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Ankita Patel
Expertise: Public Policy & Strategic Planning

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Vicky Rodriguez
Expertise: Fundraising & Strategy

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Fernanda Oliveira
Expertise: Marketing & Communications

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Ashkaan Khatakhotan
Expertise: UI/UX Design & Technology

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Tammy Freeman
Expertise: Management Consulting & Program Management

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Lucia Ordonez-Gamero
Expertise: Capital Markets & Business Analysis

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Cohort 3: January 2018 Kickoff in San Francisco

Taylor Light
Expertise: Design & Marketing

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Maron Demissie
Expertise: Strategic Consulting & Design

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Joana Maria
Expertise: Research & Development

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Leanne Campbell
Expertise: Strategic Planning & Stakeholder Engagement

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Natosha Safo
Expertise: Education & Civic Engagement

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TJ Little
Expertise: Business Development

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Alejandro Raygoza
Expertise: Behavioral Economics

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Heather Chance
Expertise: Learning & Development

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Faith Lin
Expertise: Customer Experience & Civic Engagement

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Abby Rubley
Expertise: Teaching & Strategic Communications

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As a result of participating in MWI, I gained new skills while exploring my passion for trying new things and taking on new challenges. The biggest change I see in myself is the ability to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I have updated my resume and LinkedIn to reflect the many aspects of what I have learned about myself through the Fellowship, and what I will do next. This self-reflection, plus the networking and educational opportunities afforded to me by this program, have given me the clarity I was seeking. -Leanne Campbell

Cohort 4: May 2018 Kickoff in Amsterdam

Grace Sebugah
Expertise: Capacity Building & Program Management

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Rabeka Alexander
Expertise: Business Strategy

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Danielle Iannotti
Expertise: Marketing & Communications

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Sana Mahmood
Expertise: Architecture & Interior Design

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Thais Bueno Rodrigues
Expertise: Business Management & Marketing

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Gabriela Epure
Expertise: Supply Chain & Lean Management

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Lorena Brothers
Expertise: Research & Design

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Victoria Ventosa
Expertise: Program Management & Process Engineering

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Cohort 5: September 2018 Kickoff in Washington, D.C.

Michelle Levy
Expertise: Investment Banking & Impact Investing

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Amy Malaki
Expertise: Business Development & Program Management

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Sabrina Roach
Expertise: Media & Technology

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DBora Schrett
Expertise: Public Health & Policy

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Andreia Mitrea
Expertise: Education & Consulting

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Amy Bradshaw
Expertise: Management Consulting

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Rose Marie Azevedo Santana
Expertise: Business Development & Project Management

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Holly Pearson
Expertise: Urban Planning & Policy

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Clarence Edwards
Expertise: Foreign Affairs & Consulting

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Patricia Julio
Expertise: Nonprofit Strategy & Consulting

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andreia review

Cohort 6: January 2019 Kickoff in Mexico City

Ivo van Hoeve
Expertise: Finance & Accounting

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Chloe Warren
Expertise: Finance & Capital Markets

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Heather Quinn
Expertise: Nonprofit Strategy & Development

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Madeline Renov
Expertise: Development Strategy Design & Consulting

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Tiffany Zerby
Expertise: Marketing & Communications

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Sam Dang
Expertise: Finance & Accounting

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Caroline Meledo
Expertise: Corporate Social Responsibility & Human Rights

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Casi Roethler
Expertise: Healthcare Operations & Program Management

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Cohort 7: April 2019 Kickoff in Seattle

Joy Moody
Expertise: Business Administration

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Tina Moore
Expertise: Technology Consulting

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Amanda Provenzano
Expertise: Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

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Ricardo Lopez
Expertise: Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

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Carol Rashawnna Williams
Expertise: Professional Artist

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Colleen Cosgrove
Expertise: Business Operations & Program Management

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Yaser Alhindi
Expertise: Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Business

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Rebecca Lang
Expertise: Mathematics & Actuarial Science

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Charlotte Nugent
Expertise: Management Consulting & Human Capital

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Cohort 8: July 2019 Kickoff in Lisbon

Natalia Rudiak
Expertise: Public Policy

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Elisa Iannacone
Expertise: Publishing & Media

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Jason Quirk
Expertise: Visual Design & Research

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Jennifer Cho
Expertise: Multimedia & Communications

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Amanda Koonjbeharry
Expertise: Public Policy

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Joelle Atallah
Expertise: Design Thinking & Visual Communication

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Devika Wadhawan
Expertise: Global Communications

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Salvatore Di Dio
Expertise: Design, Research, & Management

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Jingying Chan
Expertise: Financial Services & Investments

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Maria D'Angelo
Expertise: Operations & Supply Chain Sourcing

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Paula Onet
Expertise: Multimedia & Film

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Cohort 9: October 2019 Kickoff in San Francisco

Rana Kheradmandan
Expertise: Business Development & Supply Chain

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Brandon Barnett
Expertise: Financial Planning & Analysis

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Justin Smith
Expertise: Program Development & Management

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Eric Le Tai
Expertise: Designer & Art Director

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Maggie Dreifuerst
Expertise: Data Analytics & Product Management

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Rachel Kinnison
Expertise: Implementation Consulting

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Corey Zimmerman
Expertise: Policy & Scaling Strategies

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Bryce Cosgrove
Expertise: Global Finance

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Ethan Hallberg
Expertise: Public Finance

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Shandara Gill
Expertise: Entrepreneurship & Yoga

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Vivie Nguyen
Expertise: CSR & Community Engagement

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Riley Smith
Expertise: Change Management Consulting

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Jodi Suckle
Expertise: Project Management & Event Planning

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Sarah Farnsworth
Expertise: Government Relations & International Development

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Natalie Long
Expertise: Product Management & Strategy

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Cohort 10: January 2020 Kickoff in Mexico City

Katy Munden Penner
Expertise: Marketing & Content Strategy

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Daniela Fuentes
Expertise: Social Innovation & Sustainability

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Gail Bailey
Expertise: Strategic Communications & Content Development

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Michael Hepler
Expertise: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

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Lauren Glenmere Furmanek
Expertise: Human Rights Philanthropy

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Brenda Rivera
Expertise: Impact Program Leadership & Business Operations

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Melvina Thomas
Expertise: Rule of Law & Human Rights

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Eric Gransaull
Expertise: Industrial Design

See Eric's portfolio
Eunice Lara-Castañeda
Expertise: Arts Project Management & Event Production

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Eralee Rivera
Expertise: Design Research

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Verity Poser
Expertise: Engineering & CRM Administration

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Shane Horan
Expertise: Mechanical Engineering & Business Operations

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Dganit Abramoff
Expertise: Policy & Advocacy

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Isamar Vega
Expertise: Education Policy & Strategy

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Cohort 11: April 2020 Kickoff in New York City

Dee Luo
Expertise: Product Management

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Jesse Maddex
Expertise: Social Enterprise Technology & Business Development

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Marissa Franco
Expertise: Technical Project Management

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Chenghui (Keith) Xu
Expertise: Human Resources & Social Entrepreneurship

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Katalin Kaplar
Expertise: Human Resources & Sustainable Development

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Lewis Rowe
Expertise: Strategy & Design

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Sonya Rudenstine
Expertise: Legal Consulting & Project Management

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Ted Miller
Expertise: Finance & Accounting

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Yui Shapard
Expertise: Veterinary Medicine

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Kecia McGlothan Williams
Expertise: Software Development & STEM Coaching

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Kelsey Reed
Expertise: Project Management & Enterprise Delivery Services

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Melissa Ferretti
Expertise: Environmental Engineering & Planning

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Jade Brown
Expertise: Operations & Event Management

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Michael Cornacchia
Expertise: Data Analytics & Product Management

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Azaleah Peterson
Expertise: Corporate Social Responsibility & Communications

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Jennifer Archila
Expertise: Change Management & Organizational Psychology

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Cindy Diakité
Expertise: Investment Banking

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Irit Seligman
Expertise: Software Testing, Automation & Development

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Shannan Chapman
Expertise: Systems Engineering & Project Management

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Stef Milczarek
Expertise: Management and Technology Consulting

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Andrea Mejia
Expertise: Financial Analysis & Risk Management

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Cohort 12: July 2020 Virtual Kickoff

Jane Martin
Expertise: Textile and Garment Development & Sourcing

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Deidre Clark
Expertise: Visual Arts & Retail Operations

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Aimée Bruederle
Expertise: Public Health & Global Development

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Cathryn McClellan Kelly
Expertise: Corporate Social Responsibility & Talent Development

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Tracy Klein
Expertise: Brand Strategy & Marketing

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Alexandra Nowak
Expertise: Strategic Communications

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Crystallee Crain
Expertise: Human Rights & Nonprofit Operations

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Shannon Barr
Expertise: Program Management & Social Impact

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Jack Foreman
Expertise: Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships

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Wandalee Reyes
Expertise: Instructional Design

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Sarah Gonzalez
Expertise: Career Coaching

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Shannon Boselli
Expertise: Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

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Amanda Holup
Expertise: Strategic Growth & Brand Management

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Jackie Moyes
Expertise: Global Digital Strategy

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Ivy Teng Lei
Expertise: Growth Marketing

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Josefine Staats
Expertise: Social Entrepreneurship & Public Affairs

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Meagan Welsh
Expertise: Occupational Therapy

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Anna Derinova-Hartmann
Expertise: Program Management & Agile Technology

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Teddy Florea
Expertise: Business Development & Strategic Marketing

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Camille Barzey
Expertise: Information Architecture, SharePoint, & Design

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Virginia Head
Expertise: Environmental Impact

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Wilberlee Range
Expertise: Education Policy

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Lotta Rao
Expertise: Strategic Communications

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Leatra Tate
Expertise: Community Engagement & Education

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Noha Kawanna
Expertise: Project Management & Fundraising

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Joseph Petosa
Expertise: Private Equity & Investment Banking

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Angela Hiuhu
Expertise: Education & Portfolio Management

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Kathryn Berenschot
Expertise: Finance & Governance

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Mara Cortona
Expertise: Aerospace Technology & Public Policy

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Aditi Phadnis
Expertise: Financial Analysis & Impact Consulting

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Lucy Oduor
Expertise: Marketing & Communications

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Cohort 13: October 2020 Virtual Kickoff

Jing Han
Expertise: Electrical & Biomedical Engineering

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LaShonda Smith
Expertise: Partnerships & Community Development

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Joana Petrova
Expertise: Entrepreneurial Finance

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Michelle van Waveren
Expertise: Communications Strategy & Management

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Asha Metcalf
Expertise: Sociology & Human-Centered Design

Find Asha on LinkedIn
Karen Fagan
Expertise: Finance & Business Management

Dana Wait
Expertise: Strategic Design & User-Centered Research

Find Dana on LinkedIn
Lucia Modesto
Expertise: Strategic Partnerships

Find Lucia on LinkedIn
Sherine Elamad
Expertise: Program Management & Community Impact

Find Sherine on LinkedIn
Neil Davis
Expertise: Software Engineering

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Kelsey Dickerson
Expertise: Procurement Technology & Operations

Find Kelsey on LinkedIn
Penny Cupp
Expertise: Business Intelligence & Information Technology

Find Penny on LinkedIn
Oscar Wang
Expertise: Software Engineering

Find Oscar on LinkedIn
Courtney Walton
Expertise: Mental Health & Program Management

Find Courtney on LinkedIn
Priya Patel
Expertise: Finance & Corporate Strategy

Find Priya on LinkedIn
Clare Healy
Expertise: Program Management & Corporate Social Responsibility

Find Clare on LinkedIn
Sahabia Ahmed
Expertise: Risk Modeling & Economics

Find Sahabia on LinkedIn
John Trumble
Expertise: Content & Customer Experience

Find John on LinkedIn
Taylor Timinsky
Expertise: Project Management & Public Diplomacy

Find Taylor on LinkedIn
Julia Seifert
Expertise: Project Management & Social Research

Reuben Gan
Expertise: Digital Marketing & Brand Development

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Marlana Malerich
Expertise: Partnerships & Sustainability

Find Marlana on LinkedIn
Belén Roldán González
Expertise: Corporate Partnerships & Philanthropy

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Jessica DiMascio
Expertise: Community Engagement & Strategic Partnerships

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Yamindi Wickramaarachchi
Expertise: Commercial Banking

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Anju Mahendroo
Expertise: Social Innovation & Philanthropy

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Vinnie Jain
Expertise: Marketing, Communications, & CS Engineering

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Kylie Grader
Expertise: Communications, Culture, & Corporate Social Responsibility

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