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Who is the MovingWorlds Institute for?

Join a Global Movement of Professionals Rebuilding a More Equitable and Sustainable Future

Career Changers
Career Changers

Professionals from the private, public, or even nonprofit sector who want to make a career change based on their unique combination of strengths, purpose, and transferable skills.

Social Intrapreneurs
Social Intrapreneurs

Professionals who are happy with their current company, and want to learn how to incorporate more social impact into their existing role or even pilot a CSR/sustainability initiative to make their company more sustainable from the inside out.

Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs
Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs

Professionals who eventually want to start their own social impact organization, but before they do, want to learn the language and landscape of the social impact space and gain experience working with an already established social enterprise.

I am beyond grateful for my experience at MovingWorlds over the last six months. Not only did I learn so much, but I also met so many passionate, innovative people from all over the world... thank you to the MovingWorlds team and global community for this life-enriching and career-clarifying opportunity!

- Penny Cupp

Program Elements

Join a Global Movement Rebuilding a More Equitable and Sustainable Future


Uncover your unique strengths and purpose drivers

At MovingWorlds, we approach career development from the inside-out. With assessments and facilitated exercises to help you uncover your unique strengths, purpose drivers, and more, you'll get clarity on the right next move for you — based on who you authentically are.


Learn leading social impact frameworks

Stay connected with our learning management system, weekly coaching calls, monthly industry leader webinars, case-based discussions, and assignments designed to deepen your understanding of leading social impact frameworks including human-centered design, systems mapping, business model canvas generation, and more.


Develop your professional story and build your network

Develop your personal brand in a way that synthesizes all of your past experiences and skills into a coherent professional narrative that emboldens you to take the next step. Build meaningful connections and discover new opportunities with the inspiring professionals within our Global Network.


Build real-world experience

Put theory into practice with a verified social impact project that builds on your skills while challenging you to grow. Gain first-hand experience supporting a social enterprise and demonstrating your ability to be effective while testing a new career direction.

Stories from Alumni

From For-Profit to For-Purpose


“For the longest time, I suppressed that inner whisper that something more was out there and continued on autopilot in the industry I thought I ‘should’ be in. This experience has helped me wake up to the fact that I’m in the driver’s seat, and am capable of more than I ever thought possible. I am the one who gets to decide what success means for my work and life. ”

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Changing Careers at the Intersection of Tech and Social Justice


“I got the guidance and structure I needed to figure out what I should be thinking about when it came to professional development, and where I should be focusing my efforts – building a plan for networking, a plan for applying to jobs, and a plan for personal branding. Instead of randomly sending out resumes or reaching out for 1:1s, I was able to plan and measure the actions I was taking within a more organized overarching plan.”

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Bringing a Human-Centered Design Approach to Public Policy in D.C.


“The Global Fellowship was exactly the vehicle I was looking for to explore my interest in new entrants on the social impact scene - like social enterprises - further....and I’ve gained tools from the program that I can honestly say I’ll be using throughout the rest of my career.”

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Jobcrafting Her Way to a New Career Amidst a Pandemic


“the Fellowship program helped me build my confidence and self-knowledge around my own capabilities and needs. That in turn helped me show up more authentically and have the courage to negotiate for them. That’s something I’ve struggled with my whole life, and what I’ve learned through this experience is that if you don’t state what you want, you aren’t going to get it. The Fellowship helped me get that clarity and confidence to make sure that I ended up on a team that was willing to meet me halfway and appreciated me for what I brought to the table.”

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Launching a More Fulfilling Social Impact Career


“I had the chance to apply these concepts I was learning in the Fellowship, like systems mapping and partnership development, in a real-world context. Stepping outside of my comfort zone made me realize how many other areas I could add value besides just finance, and the ability to experiment and test tactics reaffirmed this growth mindset of ‘even if it doesn’t work, that’s ok, we can learn from it and try something else.'”

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Making a Career Change Based on Strengths


“Before the Institute, my focus was narrower and on the immediate-term. Another exercise that really transformed my thinking was designing our dream jobs. Rather than trying to fit myself into a prescribed role, I was able to use these new insights to create the role that would fit me. We imagined everything about our dream jobs, from the type of team we’d be working with to the organizational structure to the daily responsibilities. Going into this level of specificity helped me understand exactly where I wanted to go, and the accountability of my cohort helped me build a plan to get there.”

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Growing as a CSR Leader by Creating Sustainable Change in the Field


“I was at crossroads in my career when I applied to the Fellowship, and I’ve found through this experience that it is ok to have uncertainty, things will come at the right time, and I now have new tools to stop and reflect before rushing into next steps career-wise. The program is literally opening further possibilities, networks, paths, lifelong learning and development, and a great community.”

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