Career Change for Social Impact

How to find more purpose in your work and make an impact with your career.

Changing careers is hard. It's scary, too!

We've helped hunreds of professionals transition their careers to make a lasting impact through our professional development programs, and we're excited to share some of our key findings with you.

Scroll down for a summary to our 11-step guide to making a career change into the social impact sector.

Looking for more? Download our full guide for tips, tools, and templates. And for more support, our MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship helps accomplished professionals transform their career for more impact.

Download our 11-step career change guide

11-steps to transform your career

These steps will help make sure you transition to a career path where you will thrive. Join our email list for the in-depth guide.

Audit Your Strengths

Figure out what makes you come alive (not just what you're good at).

Zero in on your purpose

Purpose is not a cause. It's what gives you energy while you work.

Shortlist the causes you want to impact

Some of us care about one cause. Many are passionate about multiple. Shortlist the ones you care the most about.

Choose the type of organization you want to work in

Nonprofit? Social enterprise? Public sector? Take steps to figure out where you can do your best work.

Decide on workplace and team environment

Some of us like to work on teams in open floorplans. Some prefer individual work in offices. Some don't care, and others want to work remote. Which will sustain you?

Find your ideal organizations

Search for the type of organizations that lie at the intersection of your strengths, autonomy, purpose, and cause drivers — while also enabling the type of work environment you cherish.

Build the skills you need to earn a job

Now that you know where to go, figure out what skills, experience, and knowledge gaps exist on your resume. Take steps to fill those.

Get experience

By volunteering, schooling, job-shadowing and traveling, get the experience you need to build the connections and your CV.

Build the RIGHT network

Strategically build your networking by "giving" more than you take.

Polish your resume and LinkedIn profile

Adopt best-practices for your resume and public-facing social media sites.

Ace the interview and negotiation

Use well-documented tips to nail your interview.