Lisbon, Portugal

Director of Experience (Lisbon)

Support Reduced Inequalities

Skills Needed

  • Event Planning
  • Facilitation
  • Leadership
  • Program Management

Estimated workload



Project Execution (Typically 1 - 6 months)

Language Proficiencies

You must be able to speak English.

When Can You Start?

You can start Flexible


Living Stipend


Project Details

Description and Impact

Director of Experience Role Description

The mission of our organization is to expose professionals to new cultures, people and ideas. Our Directors of Experience assist in this process by immersing our participants in local culture, providing them with a truly unique and local experience.  

Key Qualities:

  • You’re a natural leader and facilitator.  Directors of Experience already possess a network, and they’re always looking to grow it.  Whether it be meeting a local sitting next to you at a coffee shop, or reaching out to a foreigner on an expat’s Facebook group.  
  • You’re a creative planner.  Directors of Experience organize events, activities and experiences that are entertaining, informative, crazy, heart-warming, and/or impactful.  From organizing a private coffee tasting at a cafe, a tour of the office of a regional politician, or a potluck with participants and locals, Directors of Experience are always planning their next event, curated from the interests of their group of participants.  
  • You’re passionate about social impact.  


  • Networking and Outreach - You’ll assist in foster relationships with our local partners, including non-profit organizations, social businesses and other stakeholders.  
  • Execution and Delivery - You’ll design and execute local month-long programming designed to meet the needs and interests of the monthly Ventures.   
  • Participant Support - You’ll be available for support  This includes assistance with navigating public transportation, escorting Venturers to the grocery store, going along with them to a clinic, and translating etc.  


  • Positive relationships with participants and positive feedback about their experience
  • Continued relationship building with current non-profit partners, landlords and other stakeholders
  • At least 5 new relationships with non-profits/social enterprises, landlords and other stakeholders

We Provide These Local Benefits

Benefits Overview

  • Accommodations
  • Living Stipend
  • Learning Opportunity
  • Good For Groups


You will receive a private room a modern 2-3 bedroom apartment.  The location of the apartment is close to public transportation and within 30 minutes of the city center.  

Living Stipend

In addition to accommodation, we can provide a living stipend of $500 per month for commitments of 10 weeks or more.

Learning Opportunity

The ins and outs of running a start-up social enterprise.  We are very open to sharing and answering questions on any aspects of the business.  

Additional Benefits

Free participation in all events and activities (orientation, airport pickup, city tour, etc.).

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