Mamoni, Panama

Reforestation Program Coordinator

Support Sustainable Cities and Communities

Skills Needed

  • Agriculture
  • Conservation

Language Proficiencies

You must be able to speak Spanish, English.
Additionally, speaking German would be helpful.

When Can You Start?

You can start as soon as possible and stay for 4 weeks to 6 weeks



Project Details

Description and Impact

We are a grassroots educational and developmental platform that brings together students, professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts. Working together with the community, we strive to improve both the quality of life of local people and the overall health of the environment in the Mamoni River by developing and implementing responsible farming and conservation techniques.

We are looking for a passionate, goal-driven forester to launch our reforestation activities in the Mamoni river.  The person will be in charge of collecting baseline information about the current state of the area to be restored, prepare a reforestation plan and guide a group of workers and volunteers to establish a 3.5 hectares native mixed-forest plantation.

This project is part of our goal of restoring 25 hectares of land formerly used for intensive cattle farming.

The project will have a total length of 1 month during the SUMMER of 2017.  

What we look for in candidates:

  • Self-driven, passionate and open minded
  • A person with experience in the tropics 
  • Experience to manage small groups of people
  • Interest in tropical restoration 
  • Experience in agroforestry is desired
  • Fluent in Spanish is desired
  • Knowledge of GIS, mapping and drone handling is a plus
  • Ability to drive manual 4x4 vehicles

Great for people with agriculture and conservation skills! Interested but not the right length? Like this organization and have an idea how your skills can help? Message us at:



  • Plan and execute a 3.5 hectares reforestation project
  • Ability to organize and lead a team of workers and volunteers in the planting activities
  • Develop a forestry inventory prior to the establishment
  • Develop a plantation mapping
  • Stay within budget

We Provide These Local Benefits

Benefits Overview

  • Learning Opportunity
  • Meal Stipend

Learning Opportunity

Learn about Panamanian culture and traditions, agroforestry systems, tropical research.

Management and leadership skills

Tropical research

Food Stipend

Food and Accommodation is provided during project time.  No food, accommodation and transportation is provided outside the premises of the organization.  

Exporter must organize his own travel, we will provide inland transportation.

Additional Benefits

Meal Plan

Visit to local villages in Panama


Ask a question about this project

hello, i would like to know more about the housing and food accommodation and if it is possible once there to extend my stay by a few weeks?
joseph, Aug 28th, 2017
Hi Joseph, Food and accommodation in our Mamoni river Center is provided. You are welcome to extend your stay upon previous notice. Additionally, transportation from/to Panama City is provided. Sincerely, Fernando
Fernando, representative of ECOFARMS Panama, Aug 28th, 2017