Santiago, Chile

Strategy Roadmap Consultant for waste management and recycling company

Support Sustainable Cities and Communities

Skills Needed

  • Business Strategy
  • Management
  • Operations

Language Proficiencies

You must be able to speak English.
Additionally, speaking Spanish would be helpful.

When Can You Start?

You can start as soon as possible and stay for 2¾ months to 6 months




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Project Details

Description and Impact

Based in Santiago, where a high percentage of industrial companies fail to comply with environmental policies, this social impact business helps its clientele reduce, reuse, and recycle (3R). Brothers Juan Pablo and Francisco Marín have developed a comprehensive, end-to-end corporate waste management solution that allows clients to dispose of waste safely and efficiently. As the first mover in Chile with its unique blend of waste management services, they offer an easy, government-certified, fully-traceable waste management solution that helps clients comply with environmental regulations and participate in green initiatives.

With more than 150 employees and over 100 clients, they are looking forward to consolidate their business strategy, establishing itself in a yet unexplored market (fully integrated waste management solutions), and helping the industry improve its 3R indicators.

We are looking for an advisor who will advance our growth strategy by defining goals based on available business intelligence data and clarifying the roadmap to reach those goals. We need to develop a clear performance management plan and establish KPIs. As a deliverable, we would expect a formal management dashboard that will serve as our primary daily and monthly management tool.


We have two ways of measuring success:

1. By the time the advisor departs: We hope to have a formal management dashboard used for daily and monthly assignments, as well as a well-defined roadmap for growth and a set of KPIs for evaluating progress.

2. In a one-year horizon: We expect to fulfill each of the goals set out in our roadmap and have significant improvements in all of the established KPIs introduced in this project.

We Provide These Local Benefits

Benefits Overview

  • Accommodations
  • Learning Opportunity
  • Meal Stipend
  • Good For Groups


Accommodation can be provided, details will be discussed with experteer.

Learning Opportunity

You will be joining a fast-moving company that is disrupting the traditional waste management industry in Chile. You will have the opportunity to learn about the waste management industry and the business environment in Chile, as well as further develop skills in long-term strategic planning. Moreover, given our small and close-knit team, you will be exposed to all aspects of the company, and carry the potential to make a tremendous difference in our future trajectory. 

Food Stipend

Lunch during the work week.

Additional Benefits

Our team will show you around Santiago and help you get the real cultural experience of living in Chile. We're also happy to help plan trips outside of Chile, so you can take advantage of your time here to get to know the country.

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