Mumbai, India

Programs Documentation Experteer

Support Quality Education

Skills Needed

  • Program Management

Language Proficiencies

You must be able to speak English.
Additionally, speaking Hindi would be helpful.

When Can You Start?

You can start as soon as possible and stay for 2¾ months to 12 months

Project Details

Description and Impact

We require a Programs Documentation Experteer to provide support to the Program Coordinator and the Director by documenting processes, surveys, assessments, reports, etc.

The role involves the documentation of a baseline survey, planning documents to implement including activities and timelines, the creation of systems for feedback, planning and institutionalizing of the pilot projects, assessments of the pilot projects and reviews.




·         Planning Documents

·         Articulating basic concepts of vision, mission, goals, objectives, and activities

·         Designate timelines for each of the activities.

·         Assessments of needs and resources;

·         Develop comprehensive strategies and detailed action plans.

·         Feedback tools that ensure platforms are made available for input to flow in

·         Strategic plans for pilot projects

·         Measure and evaluate the process and outcomes

·         Assessments and reviews on status and progress of pilot projects

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