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Graphic Designer to Support Indigenous Women in Mexico

Support Gender Equality

Skills Needed

  • Brand Design
  • Design (Web or Print)

Estimated workload

< 10 hours a week


Consultant (Typically 1 - 12 weeks)

Language Proficiencies

You must be able to speak English, Spanish.

When Can You Start?

You can start ASAP

Project Details

Description and Impact

We are seeking a graphic designer who can help transform a rough logo design and concept into a professional logo for our organization.

As background, thanks to PSYDEH’s USA-based GlobalGiving “Fruits of Change” project, the women of the Otomi-Tepehua-Nahua region, Hidalgo, Mexico, and PSYDEH incubate the unprecedented citizen body focused on cross-regional problem-solving. 

Two weeks ago, our ongoing storytelling training initiative produced women's design ideas for their professional logo. We now need to convert the basic logo design into a design that is consistent with the other Network organization logo designs AND reflects their design idea summarized below.

WOMEN's DESIGN IDEAS for LOGO: The women chose the flower “Siempre viva” because no matter where each woman is or how far apart, their Network, through this organization, remains alive. And “no me olvides” is styled after the commonly known Forget-me-not flower, the symbol of victims of violence. It has two meanings. One, “don’t forget me” is a rallying cry. Due to home responsibilities, it is virtually impossible for women to be at all activities. This tagline helps those absent and those present to remember that all women are part of the collective decision-making process and should remain steadfast in the knowledge that they are better together. Two, the flower metaphor helps them remember women leaders like Nayelica and Josefina whose voices have been silenced by unexpected deaths, violence, or the need to migrate away for a better chance to make a livable wage. Their spirits, the women explained, remain in the hearts of those who remain. They are not forgotten.


We seek two project outputs.

(1) We invite the designer to deliver 3-5 logo options by June 23, two days before the women's 5th regional forum. If not, we can work with the designer on his /her own timeline.

(2) Thereafter, and with women's final comments delivered to the designer, she/he can make final changes and deliver the final logo by mid-July.

Other requirements

We seek a clear communicator willing to work virtually on a short-term project giving voice to vulnerable people through their conceptual design work, in collaboration with a native English lawyer-by-training based in Mexico City, Mexico. 

We Provide These Local Benefits

Benefits Overview

Additional Benefits

We can provide the experteer an opportunity to build her/his portfolio on a project that impacts vulnerable women's lives.


This project accepts applications for virtual experteers.

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