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The Sustainable Growth of Revenues for International Development (S-GRID) program + community can help you scale, grow your revenues, and make a bigger impact.

In partnership with SAP, leading impact investors, and social enterprise thought leaders, S-GRID can help social enterprises build sustainable revenue-based partnerships with the corporate sector. We will help grow your revenues, upskill your team, and together we’ll rebuild a more sustainable and equitable economy.

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On-Demand Support. New Business Connections. No Equity.

Whenever you — or your team — need it.

Grow Your Revenues
Grow Your Revenues

Learn best practices, get peer support, and receive coaching to help you grow your sales-without having to expand your team. Gain the skills and network to earn more partnership and mission-aligned revenue opportunities.

Expand Your Network & Brand
Expand Your Network & Brand

Learn insights from across the global social impact ecosystem, access new connections, and get introductions to the right people at organizations that will help your social enterprise scale.

Build a Better Team
Build a Better Team

Access training for you and your key team members to do more with less, operate more effectively, and build a higher-performing organization. Available on-demand, whenever you or your team members need it.

Program Details

Ongoing and on-demand support
whenever you and your team need it

The MovingWorlds Sustainable Growth of Revenues for International Development (S-GRID) program helps social enterprises to create sustainable revenue streams by partnering with the corporate sector, connecting into global value chains and making the global economy more sustainable.


Take an assessment to identify your biggest opportunities for growth, and biggest support needs — and then get 1-on-1 coaching to prioritize how this program can best support you.


Take the S-GRID 101 Onboarding Orientation, which has all of the information you need to maximize your program experience and take advantage of all resources available to you.


Schedule an initial coaching call to go through your assessment results with a MovingWorlds team member and prioritize opportunities for growth through global partnerships. And when you need more, we have a global network to help you access pro-bono coaching.


Join a global network of peers improving the way they find, create, and sustain revenue-based partnerships with corporations. Meet mission-aligned organizations and source new inspiration and opportunities to collaborate.

Professional Development for Your Entire Team

Engage in a variety of virtual learning opportunities to build the sales effectiveness of your team, including on-demand content, live presentations, peer-based support, and more.

Resources & S-GRID Team Support

Access support via your custom learning dashboard, or reach out directly to MovingWorlds team members.

Extra Tools and Services

Download our interactive guides to help you structure brainstorm and strategy-building sessions with your own team so that you can grow more effectively.

Hands-on Support

MovingWorlds has helped companies — including SAP, Microsoft, Booking, GlaxoSmithKline, Kering, Siemens, Avanade, and more — scale social impact initiatives that drive meaningful change. Professionals from these companies, as well as from our MovingWorlds Institute network, continue to support our mission of leveraging skills for social good. As a member of our network, you'll be able to access this community of world-class experts for quick advice and connections, pro bono consulting, mentoring, and/or training support.

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Founding Partner

Content & Promotional Support From:


These generous thought leaders, social activists, and impact investors provide strategic guidance to help us achieve our mission.

Alexandra van der Ploeg
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, SAP

Akhtar Badshah
Founder, Catalytic Innovators Group

Henri Nyakarundi
Founder and CEO, ARED Author, My African Dream

Allie Ottoboni
President, eBay Foundation

Davide Strusani
Principal Economist, Disruptive Technology and Funds, Impact Investing, The World Bank Group

Erin Burchfield
Global Partnerships Director, Microsoft Philanthropies, Tech for Social Impact

Jack Knellinger
Partner & Co-founder, Capria

Jeff Halvorson
Sr. Manager, Sustainable Agriculture Partnerships at PepsiCo

Jen Beason
Global Program Director, SAP

Mark Karake
Founder, CEO ImpactAfrica.Network

Nate Wong
Executive Director at Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation, Georgetown University

Rahul Shah
Lead, Non-Profit Advisory, Sattva Consulting

Stephen Young
Global Lead - Procurement with Purpose, SAP

Steve Shmida
Chief Innovation Officer at Resonance, Author of Partner with Purpose

Sachi Shenoy
Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer, Upaya Social Ventures

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this program important and needed?

There is a notable increase in businesses looking to achieve sustainability, equity, and other social impact targets, but who face barriers along the ‘first mile’ and ‘last mile.’ Social enterprises have the innovative solutions to overcome these challenges, but often lack the ongoing education and support to build cross-sector partnerships.

What is the ideal social enterprise profile?

This program is for social enterprises that meet the following criteria:

  1. Size & Employees: Has at least one employee beyond the founder(s). The average enterprise will be between 5 and 45 employees.
  2. Stage: Has a tangible good, service, or product that is already being sold and generating revenues.
  3. Revenues: Most qualifying enterprises will be generating between $100,000 and $2.5 Million USD annually, but this will vary by country and geography.
  4. Legal Status: Legally exists for a pro-social and/or environmental impact (this can be a nonprofit, for-profit with a social mission, hybrid, co-op, community-based group, or other type of legal structure.)
  5. Mission Alignment: Measures and reports on pro-social and/or environmental impact to the public, board, and/or another 3rd party.
  6. Program Fit: Has a team member (which may be the founder) – or multiple team members – responsible for growing revenues through partnerships.

What is the cost for social enterprises to participate?

Thanks to generous support from SAP, participation during COVID is free. To enhance program quality, we will be experimenting with a membership model in 2022, based on the social enterprise’s home-country and revenues.

I'm not a social enterprise but I want to support, how can I?

For a complete list of S-GRID FAQs, please visit our help center.