Project Submission Guidelines

At MovingWorlds, our mission is to help you access the skills you need to seize opportunities and solve pressing challenges. We call it experteering, and our award-winning program has been recognized as an effective tool to help social enterprises scale.

We’re committed to helping you scope an effective experteering project so that your organization can access the skills, training, and project-based help that you are looking for. To make sure that you get the support you need and that our Experteers have a good experience, please read our guidelines to understand what projects are accepted on our platform.

Overall, all projects must,

  1. Sound good: Include complete and detailed information about required skills, deliverables, and the impact the project will have on your organization and the community it serves.
  2. Look good: Be written in clear English with proper grammar and spelling, as well as providing engaging photos and relevant details about your organization and team
  3. Provide co-investment: Include local benefits you provide to the Experteer

How to Use this Page as an Organization Representative

When you submit a project to our platform, our support team will review the details and publish approved project directly to the platform for Experteers to browse and apply to. In some cases, our support team may need you to make revisions or provide additional information before the project can be published. In that case, what you need to do is:

  1. Take a look at the email from our support team with a list of issues that need to be addressed
  2. Refer to those issues below for detailed instructions on how you can resolve them
  3. Address the issues by revising your project posting accordingly or email our support team with the required documents
  4. Re-submit your project for review

Keep in mind that if you do not address the issues identified by the support team in a timely manner, your project will not be published and will eventually be archived. In addition, your organization will also be at risk for being removed from the platform for non-responsiveness. As such, we recommend you respond within 3 business days.

Reasons Why Projects are Not Published

Below are the possible reasons why your project was not published. Please resolve the issues that pertain to your project accordingly and resubmit your project for review so that we can find an Experteer to support you.


Unclear Deliverables

In order for Experteers to understand how they can support you, please clearly state what your organization is looking to achieve by the end of this project. Including specific deliverables also ensures that the scope of the project remains realistic for the time frame, and that progress can be measured against a defined goal.

For example, clear deliverables for a Human Resources Experteering Project could include: 1) a training guide to support future HR staff when onboarding new employees 2) a recruitment strategy to attract new talent 3) One-on-one mentoring with current staff to pass on knowledge and promote. To get your project published, please revise your deliverables.


Required Skills

Our platform specifically attracts professionals with skills, experience, and know-how that are willing to provide free training, consulting, and/or project-based support As such, all projects must focus on a specific skill or expertise area that will attract an individual or small team.

To illustrate the difference, consider the example of a community center seeking support. Hands-on projects like planting a garden or painting a building aren’t considered skills-based because the projects don’t take advantage of specific professional skills and expertise. You can also find these skills locally. However, a different project, like helping your organizations Communications Leader develop an overall communications and marketing strategy to support future growth of the community center is skills-based, and therefore will be considered. To get your project posted, please ensure that your project is skills-based, and that you list the skills and professional experience an Experteer will need in order to complete the project successfully.


Accommodation Fee

Your project lists a fee for accommodation. As stated in our Hosting Principles, hosting organizations cannot charge Experteers. Our goal is to foster a mutually beneficial partnership for both the professional providing their services and for the organization hosting them. For this reason, we suggest that every project posting provide some attractive local benefits, such as free accommodation and food, a travel stipend, language and/or cooking lessons, etc. A co-investment from your organization to the Experteer is required.

In addition, projects that provide free accommodations have higher success rates at being matched to a qualified Experteer faster. To get your project published, please confirm with our team ( that no Experteer from the MovingWorlds community will be charged any fees by your organization. If we get reports from Experteers about requests for payment, especially those not authorized through the signed planning guide, your organization will be removed from our platform immediately.


Operational Tasks

Your project description appears to be more of a full-time job description than a specific project. While we understand that Experteers may be called on to contribute to some of the day-to-day operations of the organizations they support, experteering projects are meant to create sustainable impact that does not displace local job opportunities. Therefore, projects involving operational tasks that take up more than 25% of the Experteer’s time are not suitable for our project-based platform. To get your project published, please confirm that day-to-day operational tasks will be less than 25% of the Experteer’s workload AND revise your project posting to indicate clearly what the primary deliverable of the project is/what the Experteer will spend the remaining 75% of their time on.


Skills Transfer

Our goal at MovingWorlds is to empower host organizations to become self-sufficient and successful in scaling their operations and impact in the long-term. For this reason, we screen project submissions for transition planning involving skills-transfer. Experteers are skilled professionals who can help build capacity within your local team, so we encourage you to include a training/mentoring element in your project wherein the Experteer will formally train your local team to ensure the sustainability of the project after the experteer’s work has been completed. To get your project published, please revise your project description to indicate what type of skills transfer you desire during the Experteer’s time with you. Please provide an initial idea now, and then details of the skills transfer will be further mapped out in your planning guide once you’ve been matched with an Experteer.


Multiple Skills and/or Projects Listed

It appears you are requesting multiple skills and deliverables that are unlikely to be addressable by a single person. To increase your likelihood of finding a qualified match quickly, separate the deliverables of this project based on the skills needed to accomplish them into multiple project postings.

For example, instead of seeking a marketing expert with financial expertise to help with both your overall marketing strategy and financial analysis to prepare reports for potential funders, we recommend that you divide this into two projects: one for a marketing expert to help with overall marketing strategy, and another project specifically for the financial analysis support piece. To get your project published, please create seperate project postings for each.


Limited Scope

The scope of the project you’ve listed is not a good match for our community. Experteers within the MovingWorlds community are professionals with 5+ years of experience within their industries. We encourage to you take advantage of their experience by revising your project scope and deliverable to create high-skilled projects.

To get your project published, please upgrade the scope of your project.

Need More Help?

Please keep in mind that our evaluation of your project is not a judgement on the quality of your organization or its work. Rather, our project evaluation criteria help us ensure that an Experteer can make a real impact for your organization, and that your organization can support the Experteer through that process. If you have questions about resolving any of the issues above, please email and we are happy to help you work through them.

For additional resources, visit our FAQs for host organizations and this blog post on the 6 things we look for in a project.