International Corporate Volunteering Programs

What they are, why you need one, and how we can help you pilot and scale one at your company.

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What is an ICV Program

International Corporate Volunteering programs connect select employees to projects overseas where they volunteer their skills: Making an impact while growing as more innovative leaders. ICV programs can be designed in a way that best suits your business, its needs, and the preferences of its people and stakeholders.

From 1 week to 1 year

Individual to small team

Employees of any level and tenure

On an employee’s personal time, or on company time

Sample Programs

Vacation or Sabbatical Based
Encourage employees to use their time off to spend it volunteering. Companies can pay for costs related to finding and going on Experteering trips. In exchange, your company can access hour, CSR, and impact reports useful for recruiting and engagement.

Team and Program Based
As a business priority, companies can develop a leadership program, or incorporate international service as part of a rotation and/or leadership development program. In doing so, the company can provide extended time off categorized as learning and development.

Read this article for 9 popular program variations

Benefits of Skills-Based Volunteering Programs

“For the price of a conference, we can connect people to the best leadership development experience of their career… one that makes the world a better place in the process”

International Corporate Volunteering (ICV) programs engage your company’s most valuable assets, its people, to tackle skill-related challenges in the areas that need them the most. From 1 week to 1 year, these programs are proven to have positive benefits to people, planet, and profits.

In addition to meeting a personal desire to give back, ICV programs create once-in-a-lifetime learning experiences that are often rated “The best learning experience of my career”.

One of the leading barriers to progress is a “lack of access to talent”. ICV programs can connect skills to the areas that are in most need accelerating impact and transferring skills to change makers in the most under-resourced areas.

Corporations can realize bottom line benefits with ICV programs by improving employee retention, engagement & development. Participants consistently return higher performing and more innovative.

Co-founder Mark Horoszowski presents at SOCAP about Developing Tomorrow's Global Leaders

Our Unique Approach to International Volunteering is Working

We call it Experteering. By using a global partnership network, technology, prioprietary process, and distrubuted teams, our approach results in lower costs, more flexible project durations, and higher impact. Read more about our successes in The Seattle TimesHuffington Post and in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

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How to Pilot and Scale an ICV Program

From 5 to 200, we’ve helped launch, pilot, and scale international corporate volunteering programs.

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"Done correctly, you can launch a program that creates a positive impact for your company, its employees, and our world."

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FAQs About International Corporate Volunteering Programs

How long should an ICV program be?

Depending on objectives of the program, they can be as short as one week. However, programs that provide at three weeks of field experience provide enhanced learning, without being too disruptive to the job back home.

What level of employee should be allowed to participate?

As ICV programs continue to expand, they are becoming more inclusive. Based on the intended outcomes of the program, you will need to select what is best for your company. It is normal for programs to be open to employees that have been at the company for at least two years and have a certain level of performance.

Where can I read more about ICV programs?

Review this International Corporate Volunteering is Growing Quickly, Here is What You Need to Know for a complete collection of data and links to many useful articles.

Who can help me launch an ICV program?

There are a number of providers. offers support from design through measurement. Other leading providers include Pyxera Global and VSO.

What corporate unit sponsors ICV programs?

Increasingly, budget for these programs are coming from business units who are eager to develop stronger global leaders, expand into new markets, and/or foster innovation. Other common sponsors include HR Departments, CSR departments, special executive teams, and/or the foundation / philanthropic arm.