MovingWorlds Hosting Principles

Experteering Projects are based on reciprocal investment. Hosts never charge an Experteer for their time

By traveling to your site and donating their time to accelerate your progress, Experteers make a significant investment in your project. Experteering is based on an exchange of resources and values, so it is important that as a host you invest equal time and effort in the relationship. This includes never charging Experteers for their time and services provided to my organization.

Prior the project, Hosts work with the Experteer to identify clear goals, using the provided planning guide

To ensure a productive, effective, and fair Experteering experience, both parties commit to working together on a project plan that includes a set of project deliverables prior to the start of the project. I will work through the MovingWorlds Planning Process, partnering with my Experteer to complete the MovingWorlds planning guide.

Hosts respond to Experteers’ questions and inquiries in a timely manner

Communication is critical to a successful Experteering experience. When the Experteer has more information about the project, the organization, and the local conditions, they will be able to perform better in the field. This includes being responsive to introduction requests over email.

Hosts dedicate sufficient onboarding time and guidance to ensure the Experteer is sufficiently informed

You and your team are the experts. Experteers are there to support you using their unique skills, but they will also rely on you and your team to provide guidance, mentorship, and local context for the project at hand. By being an active and engaged host, responding to questions promptly, sharing your knowledge generously, and being open to learn about the Experteer as well, you make it possible for the project to succeed.

Hosts provide tangible benefits to the Experteer for the duration of the project

An important factor in connecting host organizations with qualified Experteers is providing access to housing. Experteers are often new to the hosting country and are unfamiliar with the short-term rental market. By providing free housing, you’ll likely find a match with a qualified Experteer faster. Past housing options offered by host organizations have ranged from an AirBnB, a hostel room, a room in the house of a staff member, and even a space in a hut for in-the-field work. This is not a requirement to become a host organization, but it will increase your likelihood of being matched to an Experteer.

Host provide and/or connect the Experteer with local experiences, environments and culture

Experteering is a cross-cultural experience. By incorporating local experiences like language lessons, cultural events, cooking classes, etc. into the Experteering experience, you will deepen the Experteers’ understanding and appreciation for your country and culture. We’ve found this understanding leads to greater impact and effectiveness in the work they are doing for you.