Certificate Course: What is ESG, and How to Measure It

Learn how to implement, improve, and scale Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) measures in the private/corporate sector

What is ESG Reporting

Who is it for?

CSR professionals, current or aspiring, that want to better understand environmental, social, governance factors, and how to implement and report on them. This course will cover

  • What is ESG reporting
  • The most common ESG reporting frameworks, including ISO, GRI, CDP, Benefit Corproration, and more
  • How to choose and use frameworks together
  • How to connect frameworks to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Lessons from successes and from failures

How much does it cost and how do I access?

Currently, this course is only available to members of the TRANSFORM Support Hub. You can read more about the program and register here.

What do I get?

At the completion, you will get a certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile, as well as ongoing updates about best practices in ESG initiatives and reporting.

You will also be able to access our 10-step guide to implementing, improving, and scaling ESG initiatives.