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Dear Corporate Social Impact Leader,

We believe that corporations, more than any other organization, have the greatest potential to create a more sustainable planet free from inequalities and injustices. Beyond a moral imperative, the data shows that creating an equitable and sustainable economy is also the biggest business opportunity of all time.

In addition to your own personal motivations, this potential to do well by doing good certainly contributes to why you are working so hard to get your company to positively contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Chances are, your company’s leadership also believes this is the right thing to do for people and planet (or at least are making some public statements to this effect). But even the most forward-looking companies struggle to balance short-term pressures with long-term investments in social impact and sustainability initiatives.

If you are like the hundreds of corporate social impact leaders we’ve interviewed, analyzed, consulted with, and trained, we know that even the best ideas will go to the valley of despair if executives don’t invest, managers don’t embrace, and employees do not engage. Scaling social good projects within companies is hard, isolating work… but you’re not alone in facing these challenges.

The MovingWorlds “Scale Your Impact” workshop and virtual community is a place where you can learn — alongside a cohort of peers — the leading frameworks needed to engage executives and employees to scale your social good initiatives. More importantly, it's also an ongoing "community of practice" where you can continue to get guidance from educators and peers how to succeed in your role. Different than a conference where those with the deepest pockets have the chance to publicize their programs, these interactive workshops and going community are a place for you to benchmark your scale-readiness against peers, learn leading frameworks to get to scale, and then work with peers to identify the most important next steps you can take to make your company a world-positive citizen.

We look forward to working alongside you to make market forces a force for good.

-The MovingWorlds Team

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I believe all people working in corporate social impact are facing the same challenge: How do I engage key business decision makers to prioritize long-term initiatives in the short-term… and I’m really tired of just bitching about this in the hallways of conference centers with other practitioners. This workshop is an opportunity to directly connect and problem solve.

- Sustainability Leader at Fortune 500 company

Grow Your Skills to Engage Employees & Influence Executives


Learn Leading Frameworks to Scale Your Programs

A crash-course in frameworks used to move social impact programs from pilot to scale by engaging employees and executives, including how to build executive support, harness employee energy, and navigate the naysayers.


Build Your Case with Benchmarking Data to Engage Executives

Access data to benchmark your company amongst industry leaders to see how your brand stacks-up. As pre-work for the workshop, you’ll also access an assessment to analyze how ready your company is to scale-up its programs (and where you should focus in order to be more ready).


Learn & Get Support from Peers

In our live workshop, you’ll anchor your opportunity/challenge in a framework, and then our facilitators will guide you and your peers through the framework to arrive at a solution.


Support for Your Biggest Challenges (whenever you need it)

After the onboarding workshop, you’ll be invited to monthly “Virtual Design Challenges” where you can present your challenge or opportunity to other practitioners for support — or join to support and learn from others. Led by the MovingWorlds Institute Director, you’ll also receive coaching to best frame your challenge and how the previously learned Frameworks can support you.


Mentorship and Ongoing Coaching Opportunities

Join weekly coaching office hours to hear updates about industry news, connect with peers, virtually network, and/or get advice on a challenge. In addition, as a workshop member, we'll work with you to help find a mentor that can support your professional growth as well as on-the-job performance.

Compelling data, stories from conferences, and PR isn’t enough to navigate the naysayers within your company. People working to make their companies more responsible need to be able to troubleshoot with their peers on how to get buy-in from all levels in the company.

- Racquel Russell, Former Citizenship Lead, Zillow

Join a Community of Corporate Social Impact and Sustainability Practitioners

Other than facilitators and guest speakers, all participants are active practitioners in sustainability and social impact programs within companies.

While participants are at various stages of scaling their programs, the common frameworks, lessons, and guides are applicable to all participants.

This is a no-sell zone for all, including presenters.

Outcomes of Participating

Confidence to convince your executives

Data so that you can benchmark your company against other leading programs, while also receiving training on best practices in navigating corporate budgets and naysayers.

An amazing network of practitioners from around the world

Network, work with, and get insights from sustainability and social impact leaders across the world for inspiration, ideas, and partnerships – and personal support, too.

Practical guidance to scale and optimize programs at your company

Learn leading frameworks, research, and insights to help move ideas from pilot to scale by engaging employees and influencing executives.

Onboarding Workshop

Periodic onboarding sessions will be held to welcome new members, build connections, and educate on common frameworks

Due to the ongoing pandemic, our workshop series is currently on hold. If you would like to receive a notification when our workshop series returns, sign up below. In the meantime, please know that we are still here to help: Check out our advisory services page or contact us at

Prework: Get a baseline

Before joining us, you'll complete a brief assessment and survey so that we can benchmark your organization. We'll also ask you to share your biggest challenges and opportunities so that the workshop can best support you. You can also expect about 1 hour of pre-work.

I: Introductions

Connect with peers, learn who the subject-matter experts are on key topics, and then create sub-groups based on challenge and opportunity areas.

II: Shared Language & Frameworks

An interactive primer and discussion on key frameworks that will help you move social impact projects from pilot to scale by engaging employees and influencing executives, including time to immediately apply learnings to your own organization and projects.

III: Network Leadership

An intentional lunch break where you'll learn the principles of Network Leadership, and brainstorm how external partnerships — potentially with other companies in attendance — can help you achieve your goals.

IV: Interactive Design Challenge

Participate in a "design challenge" where you will work on a peer’s challenge by anchoring it to one of the frameworks discussed in the morning, and then follow the framework — under guidance of our educator — to arrive at a solution.

V. Reflection & Goal-Setting

Using guides and resources provided, document relevant lessons for your work and what next steps you will take, and where you can use support. Make requests of the community — and the curators — for more support and peer-coaching.

Post Workshop: Staying Engaged with Peers

Get matched with a sub-group of peers for ongoing support. At any time in the next year, you can request a virtual, live “Design Challenge” to get input from peers on a challenge you have, whenever you need peer support.

Benchmarking and Insights to Support Your Vision

Benchmarking Data
Benchmarking Data

Benchmarking against industries and competitors to prove to executives how to better invest time, money and employee know-how and time.

Industry Insights
Industry Insights

Insights into the most popular giving, volunteering, and sustainability programs at leading companies


Guidance to create your own “8 factor social impact scorecard” to help you identify how to scale by engaging employees and influencing executives.

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Virtual Global Workshop
Virtual Global Workshop

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Workshop Cost

Registration fee for one-day workshop and 12 months of access to the virtual online community of practice: $990

Due to the ongoing pandemic, our workshop series is currently on hold. If you would like to receive a notification when our workshop series returns, sign up below. In the meantime, please know that we are still here to help: Check out our advisory services page or contact us at

Here is everything that is included with your payment:

  1. An onboarding learning workshop with peers
  2. 12 months of monthly calls with peers to keep learning and workshopping, including "Design Challenges"
  3. 12 months of weekly office hours
  4. Guides on how to use leading Frameworks to engage executives, employees, and managers
  5. A scorecard on your company’s social impact scale-readiness, with insights on where to focus

Need help getting budget? Read our guide on how to request budget.

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