Senior Data Orchestration Engineer

Posted on 11th Oct 2021


We’re empowering our network of professionals, social enterprises, and corporate partners to build a more sustainable and equitable form of capitalism, and we believe our data can help us scale to the next level. Join our team to lead data orchestration: workflows, integrations and its quality at MovingWorlds to help us scale our high-impact programs that are contributing to a more sustainable and equitable economy. You'd be working across our SQL database, iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) integrations, ~30 SaaS services - taking an active lead to orchestrate & utilise SaaS and iPaaS offerings whilst striving to build reliable Data & Workflows Platform solutions.

About MovingWorlds

MovingWorlds is a social enterprise that is building the skills and abilities of people working to scale social impact across the world. Our efforts are helping accelerate the progress of the global social enterprise movement and enabling more people to work in world-positive careers. We are a small team but we have doubled as an organization in the last two years, and are doubling again this year. We are the #2 company to “Escape to” in Escape the City’s annual best places to work competition and most recently, a Fast Company World Changing Idea Honoree.

We operate a portfolio of programs for individuals, corporations, and capacity-building organizations. While our experteering platform was launched nearly a decade ago and remains in operation, our growth is being driven through our MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellowship, our S-GRID Social Enterprise Accelerator, as well as through corporate-sponsored programs with companies like Microsoft, SAP, PayPal, Kering, and more. As a few examples of our work, we are supporting organizations that are keeping plastic out of oceans, improving health outcomes for infants, and many more. Along the way, we help professionals from across sectors find purpose and create more impact in their careers. You can see more about our impact in our blog and our impact report.

Over the last few years, we have continued to invest in our customer platform, integrations with business software, while also investing in a Learning Management System and Community Site which is integrated with our platform and back-end systems to help automate workflows, integrate data, and provide better experiences for our users. We are looking for a data engineer with 5+ years of experience that wants to fully own the responsibility for our data strategy, as well as our business processes automations that are driven by data. This is an individual contributor position that will work alongside a full-stack engineer and report to our Director of Engineering, while also working collaboratively with our Program Team and new Product Lead.

Key Responsibilities

Data leadership: strategy / architecture

  • Responsible for the full data development life cycle ownership including analysis, vision, design and modelling of data and workflows
  • Coordinate iPaaS vendors to provide best possible solutions
  • Propose new features working alongside our team
  • Providing technical training and mentorship to less experienced development staff
  • Adopting a continuous improvement methodology and delivering trustable data
  • Provide strategic input to our next-generation low-code platform

Key Projects in the near future

  • Real-time data integration between SaaS services (currently 2h syncs)
  • Implementation of automatic merge strategy for duplicated/conflicting data records
  • Multi-language data support for the platform and it’s ecosystem
  • Data monitoring pipeline ensuring synchronization quality
  • Exception handling and recovery strategy in data pipelines
  • Automation of consent preferences distribution

Skills and experience

  • Developing iPaaS technologies for small businesses and cloud native architectures
  • Developing using distributed data orchestration patterns
  • Utilizing API, SOAP, REST, Web data conventions
  • Integrating and/or migrating from one SaaS service to another
  • Bachelor's degree in technical discipline (preferably in computer science, information technology or related field)
  • Analyzing, and challenging when needed, current practices or approaches and collaborate to propose improved solutions
  • Identifying improvement areas and proactively influencing team members to prioritize high-risk and/or high-potential opportunities.

Company Benefits

We’re growing as an organization, but we stay focused on making sure we care for each other, too. Any of our new team members will tell you that we’re different… open, vulnerable, transparent, collaborative, very growth-minded, and a little goofy. Here’s a few more tangible benefits:

  • A minimum of 15 vacation days, in addition to your holidays, the Friday monthly mentals, and our year-end two-week slowdown (resulting in about 30 days :) )
  • Award-winning culture - we were ranked by Escape the City as the #2 company in the world to “Escape to”, and are a Fast Company World-Changing Idea Honoree. We were founded to create a real impact AND operate in a highly ethical and sustainable way and we are committed to achieving both
  • Friday Monthly Mental - No meeting Fridays, the last Friday of every month, so that you do whatever you need to do to take care of your mental wellbeing
  • $100 per month work from home office stipend
  • Health insurance stipend/plan that keeps growing and improving as we grow
  • Annual device credit
  • A peer-coaching culture so that you can keep growing
  • Maternity and paternity leave policy that keeps getting better as we keep growing
  • Excellent communication across the company, including a “user’s manual” for every team member
  • Networking opportunities with our global network
  • Guided mentorship process to help you find and make the most of a mentoring relationship
  • Retirement plan matching


For this role, we will provide company ownership/equity, a great working environment, a strong social mission, but with (at least for now) a below-market salary.

MovingWorlds is a small team that is funding its growth on revenues instead of raising capital in order to stay committed to its impact. MovingWorlds is committed to a fair and equitable pay across its global team, and it uses a pro-rata adjustment calculator so that every team member is paid at an equal level compared to published market data for their roles, and based on the cost of living in their cities.

We are benchmarking this salary based on a salary of $140,000 market rate, but you can expect to be paid at a level of 75% of what is listed as fair market data for your role, in your city, in the nonprofit sector, for smaller organizations (10-20). Because of our global reach, this can be somewhere between $76,000 - 113,000 annualized salary (as we adjust salary based on cost-of-living comparison to create pay equity on our team). MovingWorlds will share a transparent calculation for your salary. MovingWorlds may also elect to hire a more senior person in a part-time capacity for this position based on the application pool. We fully recognize that this is well below market, however this investment will enable us to retain equity for you and your team members, and also able to build an organization with enjoyable workload for all staff that is truly making an impact.

In addition to salary, you will receive a $100 monthly work-from-home stipend, as well as a $300 health insurance stipend and annual device credit, as well as a 3% retirement matching.

The difference between fair-market salary and what we pay for you will be covered via our generous employee stock option plan and equity in the company.

Please note that we know this is a below market salary, and our every intent is to grow to market rates. We grew 40% last year, are tracking for 100% growth this year, and have high aspirations for next year, too. Now is a really exciting time to be joining our team and we hope to have us all to market level salaries by mid-2022. All team members received a raise in 2020 and 2021 of double digit percent, and we expect this to continue. More information about salary, as well as the MovingWorlds approach to equal and fair pay, will be shared early in the process.

Social Impact Commitment

As a “social purpose corporation” (aka Benefit Corporation) we exist to help accelerate the progress of a more impactful, global social enterprise movement that employs more people in world-positive jobs. We absolutely look for mission alignment from all our team members.

Work Location & Travel

MovingWorlds is a global, virtual team with presence in Seattle, USA; Houston, USA; Washington, D.C., USA; Medellin, Colombia; Algarve, Portugal; Beirut, Lebanon and São Paulo, Brazil. Ideally you will be in one of these locations, but you can work from anywhere provided you overlap with our working time zones.

We will prioritize candidates that are based in EST time zone. Our current clients are as far west as Seattle and as far East as Nairobi. Your home base should be between those locations for the optimal working hours.


After a thorough onboarding process, you will report directly to the Director of Engineering, and work collaboratively with the rest of the team.

Screening Process & Equity Statement

Our team is international with team members working from four continents and a diverse set of skills. While we pride ourselves on supporting a very diverse community, we are also increasing our investment and education for our own team, as well as building a team that is more representative of the diverse community we serve. As of 2021, we have implemented new policies, including attempting to eliminate bias out of our hiring process. This is done with:

  • All applications will be analyzed using a set standard based on the skills outlined above
  • Structured interviews with set questions across candidates are conducted to assess against predetermined role requirements
  • The hiring process will involve a skills-test that will be benchmarked against a set standard and reviewed by a panel

Application Process

To apply, please submit a resume using this online form.

Upon submitting your resume, you will then receive a response within 10 days with an update on your application, and if we think we may be a good match for each other, an invitation to an interview.

Following the first interview, those selected to the next round, within 10 days, will be invited to a 2nd interview with another team member. We may also incorporate an assignment.

After your 2nd interview, we will, within 10 days, provide you an update on your application, and you may be invited to a third and final interview. At any time, we may change this interview process based on role demand and competitiveness.