Our Application Process & Criteria

This application helps us assess your skills and motivations. It also helps us ensure that we can find a placement where you can have a true impact.

If you have questions, please join our next webinar for the chance to meet some of the MovingWorlds team. You can also send us a chat, or request one-on-one time.

Why Use an Application Process?

The MovingWorlds global community of Experteers are a passionate group of professionals that align behind the Experteering Manifesto to create real change, and be changed in the process.

We use an application process for three main reasons:

First: Ensure we can support you You need to know that MovingWorlds can actually support you in reaching your personal, travel, professional, and/or impact goals. Learning about you first gives our team the chance to make sure we can actually connect you with a project and support you on your journey.

Second: Mission alignment We need to make sure you are aligned with the two-fold mission of MovingWorlds: Get expertise where its needed most, and provide live-transformative experiences to those that give.

Third: Confidence we can match you to a project Our partners count on MovingWorlds to make sure that our Experteers have a base-level of skills in their stated profession. Don't worry - you don't need to be a world-reknown leader in your industry; we just want to make sure you have tangible work experience in your skill area.

How Does the Application Process Work?

The MovingWorlds process is a little unique. To apply, you must:

  1. Start the application process
  2. Create a basic profile
  3. Complete the application details
  4. Agree to our manifesto
  5. Select a plan
  6. Commit to our membership payment

Please note that while we collect payment details before acceptance into the program, we do not charge you until your application is approved.

It takes time for our team to review applications, and so we ask for a payment confirmation in advance to ensure that you are truly committed. Once accepted, your membership fee covers the costs our team incurs in managing a global team and technology platform to connect you to the best experteering project.


Join our next live webinar to ask questions and meet members from the MovingWorlds team

What We Look For in Our Experteers

In the application, we screen to ensure that all members have:

The following are the crtieria we screen for.

Skills and Know-how

Adequate skills to truly add value to support social good organizations - meaning that you have least two years of professional experience with a specific skill, industry, and/or profession.

2. Willing & Eager to Make an Impact

In addition to your skills, we are looking for professionals that are intrinsically motivated to make a positive change — big or small — in the world or in their community, and have demonstrated altruistic motives in the past

3. Desire to Learn

A desire to learn and commitment to creating a long-term impact - which we screen for in your application questions.

4. Commitment to Best Practices

An agreement to adopt best practices to make a sustainable impact - which you commit to by agreeing to our Experteering Manifesto.