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Introduction to Human-Centered Design Webinar

When it comes to making a real, lasting impact as a pro-bono consultant, one of the most helpful frameworks you can add to your toolkit is Human-Centered Design.

About this session

How do you approach your work as a pro-bono consultant to ensure you’re creating significant, meaningful impact? One of the most helpful tools you can add to your toolkit is Human-Centered Design: a creative approach to problem solving that starts with the people you’re designing for and ends with new solutions that solve real problems.

Join the TRANSFORM Support Hub for “Introduction to Human-Centered Design,” an interactive webinar facilitated by MovingWorlds Director of Learning, Cole Hoover.

Date and Time

Thursday, October 6th at 8:00 am

What You'll Learn

  • The three phases of the Human-Centered Design process, and how they fit together
  • The difference between Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking, and how they can be used together to create lasting change
  • How these methods have been applied to real-world scenarios, and how you can translate your learnings to do the same

To get a headstart on learning, check out this article on the MovingWorlds blog!

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