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How to Define and Articulate your Social and Business Impacts

A two part webinar series with peers, MovingWorlds team members, and special guest Dr. Deepti Sastry, CEO of Integrative Solutions who will be facilitating both sessions. Sessions will be an exploration of the theories of change, qualitative case studies, impact evaluations, and key performance indicators, to define and measure the social and business impacts for social enterprises.

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Attend Session 1 of Webinar Series

When: July 20th, 7 a.m. PDT

In session 1 we will explore theories of change and how to develop a theory of change to communicate your impacts and refine your enterprise’s thinking on your impact pathways.


Attend Session 2 of Webinar Series

When: August 3rd, 7 a.m. PDT

In session 2 we will cover methods and tools that will help you gather, synthesize, and communicate your impacts. We will also look at the value of methods such as randomized control trials (RCTs) vs qualitative impact measurement approaches, and how to identify which method might be most suited to your enterprise’s needs.

Join the 2-Part Webinar: Social and Business Impacts