Welcome to the Acceleration Collective, SAP Employees!

Invest in yourself, invest in the world.

If you are here, you do not wait for change to come along - you create it. Your passion is exactly what this sector needs to transform business into a force for good.

The Acceleration Collective is your opportunity to work directly with social entrepreneurs around the world who are pioneering a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable way of doing business.

Whether you have two hours or twenty, volunteer your skills over a time period that you choose, and join a collective of SAP employees to:

  • Connect with like-minded colleagues and social enterprises globally
  • Learn more about sustainable business practices and grow your future-forward leadership skills
  • Lead positive change that helps the world run better and improves people’s lives

Ready to get started?

Apply below with your @sap.com email address to help guarantee you receive program communications.

This experience showed me not to underestimate what I’m capable of, or at least capable of learning. I was able to cultivate a range of skills that have since become cornerstones of my professional development.”

- Mallory Rioux, Customer Success Partner

Program Details


Register and Apply

  1. Create an account on MovingWorlds
  2. Select your Participation Option (Evergreen, or Cohort) and complete the program application


Once you are accepted into the Program, complete the mandatory onboarding.


Networking & Ongoing Learning

Engage in self-paced learning, goal-setting, and reflection. Join (optional) live events including quarterly kickoffs and wrap-ups.


Experteering Project

Once you are ready, connect with a social entrepreneur through the platform and begin your clearly defined project and/or mentoring/coaching relationship. Using MovingWorlds Experteering Guides to follow a planning process, you will then work on the project for 2-3 hours per week over a time period of your choice. Note: you can structure the project in a way that works for both you and the social enterprise.


Wrap-Up & Celebration

Report back to our global network with a summary of your impact and learned lessons. Join others in celebrating the network’s accomplishments, as well as those of the social enterprises.


Start Your Next Project, Engage in Continuous Learning

After, you can offer to keep volunteering with the organization, work on another project, or keep following the program learning and impact opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the participation criteria?

This program is available to SAP employees who:

  • Are in full-time, permanent roles as I or D-Users or are members of the SAP alumni ecosystem. (Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this opportunity to contractors / C-Users.)
  • Can commit up to 10% time involvement with manager support (you can share this program one-pager with your manager, if helpful)
  • Have at least two years of professional work experience (or equivalent)

Don't meet the criteria but still interested? Email csr-global@sap.com

What’s the difference between participating in the evergreen version of the program vs. participating as part of a cohort?

Once you have registered and applied to the Acceleration Collective, you will immediately be able to participate in the "evergreen" program - meaning that you engage on your own, as an individual, based on your schedule and availability.

Cohorts are an opportunity to participate in the Acceleration Collective with a group of your peers, in a set time frame, with additional learning, support, and networking opportunities. As a registered member of the program, you will receive invitations to opt into upcoming cohorts if you would like to.

Why do I have to complete the employee onboarding?

All employees must complete the mandatory 30-minute onboarding experience to help prepare them for completing the Acceleration Collective successfully. The onboarding will provide you an overview of the social sector and the entrepreneurs you will be working alongside, an overview of the MovingWorlds’ platform, and an outline of the program experience. Thank you in advance for understanding that all employees, even those with prior pro bono experience, will be asked to complete the employee onboarding.

Where can I find the onboarding video?

The first three times you log in to your dashboard, you will see a prompt to ‘watch the welcome video’ with a clickable link. After that, you can revisit the video at any time with this link.

Who do I reach out to if I need help?

Please email sap@movingworlds.org.

Where can I find additional FAQs?

You can find a full list of SAP FAQs here.

If working apart we're a force powerful enough to destabilize our planet, surely working together we are powerful enough to save it.

- David Attenborough at COP26

Learn More About SAP CSR

SAP Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of SAP's sustainable business strategy and puts SAP's purpose into action. SAP CSR drives long-term social impact and business value by supporting education models that help prepare youth in need (aged 14-30 years) for the digital and green economy and by accelerating the impact enterprise sector through innovation, application of organizational best practices, and market development.

SAP CSR has two focus areas that power equitable access to economic opportunity, education & employment:

  • Accelerate Impact Business
  • Build Future Skills

Please visit the SAP CSR SharePoint page to understand how you can engage with SAP CSR's efforts to help the world run better and improve peoples' lives.

To learn more about SAP’s CSR programs around the world, check out the SAP 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility EBook or visit sap.com.

Learn More About MovingWorlds

We are MovingWorlds, a global platform connecting and developing professionals, corporations, impact investors, and social enterprises building a more sustainable and equitable planet.

MovingWorlds operates three main initiatives:

  1. Educating and mobilizing professionals to use their careers and skills to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Social enterprise support programs, including the S-GRID program and our Global Experteering Network
  3. Corporate programming and consulting to help corporations scale social impact by educating and engaging employees and executives.

We have partnered with SAP to design, implement and manage the Acceleration Collective, to support social entrepreneurs while helping SAP employees grow in their careers.

Watch this video and visit movingworlds.org to learn more about us.