Welcome to the Acceleration Collective, SAP Employees!

Join us in shaping the business of future

We’re excited you’re here. The Acceleration Collective is an opportunity to support social enterprises while building your own career as a member of a 10%-time professional development and company-wide networking program that you can join from your home office for only a few hours each week.

Participation Criteria

This program is available to SAP employees who:

  • Are full-time permanent employees
  • Can commit to 10% time involvement with manager sign-off (you can share this program one-pager with your manager, if helpful)
  • Have at least two years of professional work experience (or equivalent)

This program is also available to members of the SAP alumni ecosystem.

Don't meet the criteria but still interested? Email csr-global@sap.com

Work on a Pro Bono or Skills-Based Project as an Experteer

Support a social entrepreneur looking to scale his/her/their organizational impact. In addition to volunteering your skills for 2-3 hrs per week over a time period that you choose, you will join a collective of SAP employees to:

  • Advance your core and professional skills
  • Apply that knowledge to organizations leading through sustainable business practices
  • And most importantly, create positive change in the world

Sustainability topics have long been of interest to me, and this opportunity allowed me to combine my love of coaching with a meaningful cause. A win-win for me. My small contribution to the Acceleration Collective has resulted in a positive impact on Angela Busheska, her social enterprise, and hopefully the world.

- Allison Gapter

Program Details


Register and Apply

  1. Create an account on MovingWorlds
  2. Complete the program application


Once you are accepted into the Program, complete the mandatory onboarding.


Networking & Ongoing Learning

Engage in self-paced learning, goal-setting, and reflection. Join (optional) live events including quarterly kickoffs and wrap-ups.


Experteering Project

Once you’re ready, connect with a social entrepreneur through the platform and begin your clearly defined project and/or coaching relationship. Using MovingWorlds Experteering Guides to follow a planning process, you will then work on the project for 2-3 hours per week over a time period of your choice. Note: you can structure the project in a way that works for both you and the social enterprise.


Wrap-Up & Celebration

Report back to our global network with a summary of your impact and learned lessons. Join others in celebrating the network’s accomplishments, as well as those of the social enterprises.


Start Your Next Project, Engage in Continuous Learning

After, you can offer to keep volunteering with the organization, work on another project, or keep following the program learning and impact opportunities.

Ready to get started?

Apply below with your @sap.com email address to help guarantee you receive program communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's different from Cohort 1?

We listened to the feedback from the Cohort 1 participants and have made several improvements to ensure the Acceleration Collective is an impactful program for SAP employees and the social enterprises you'll work with. Here are a few of the improvements we've made for 2022:

  1. Implemented program requirements. To be a member of the Acceleration Collective, you must apply and be accepted, complete the Onboarding Module, and complete 1 project.
  2. Enhanced Onboarding Module. In 2021, a number of participants expressed that they weren't sure what next step to take in the program. We've revisited and revamped the Onboarding Module to ensure all participants feel empowered to act in the program.
  3. Removed strict timelines. You are able to participate in the program and work with social enterprises as you have time.
  4. Increased social enterprise participation. Instead of solely working with young social entrepreneurs, you'll be able to work with social enterprises at different levels of maturity.
  5. Added Ambassadors. Ambassadors are SAP employees who have completed at least one SAP pro bono consulting project/program and are eager to support you in your pro bono consulting journey. You will be assigned an Ambassador, based on the region of the world you are located in, and they will check-in with you throughout the program to see if you need support and talk about how to share your program experience back to your team at SAP.

What should I do if my client asks for funding?

SAP is not offering microgrants to social enterprises at this time. MovingWorlds sends a weekly email to all social enterprises on its platform that includes funding resources. If the social enterprise you're working with is seeking funding, let them know they will receive this weekly email and that they can contact MovingWorlds with any questions.

What is the search status feature, and how does it impact the way I engage with social enterprises?

Your search status allows you to indicate how you would like to engage (or not engage) with potential project and organization matches on the platform. You can update your search status at any time, directly from your dashboard, by clicking the portion highlighted below:

When you click on that button, you will see the four search status options pictured below:

If you do want to engage with social enterprises on the platform to find a project match, you have two options: search on your own, or have MovingWorlds help you find relevant projects through its automatching process. Choose the search status that corresponds to your preference:

  • To search on your own: Set your search status to “I’m actively searching for an experteering project.” Then, head to the project browse page by clicking “Search Projects” on the left-hand side of your dashboard to begin searching for and connecting with projects that match your skills and interests. This FAQ explains how you can filter projects by the types of skills you have, languages you speak, and more.
  • To have MovingWorlds help you find relevant projects through automatching: Set your search status to “I’m actively searching for an Experteering project and I want MovingWorlds to send introductions on my behalf.” If you choose this setting, MovingWorlds’ system will automatically create introduction requests to projects which are most closely aligned with your skills. You will be notified via email about these introductions and you can then carry forward the conversations with the representatives of these organizations.

If you do not want to actively engage with social enterprises to find a project match, you have two options: passively accept introductions from organizations interested in you, or remove your profile from the expert search page.

  • To passively accept introductions from organizations interested in you: Set your search status to “Open to Introductions,” which means that no introduction requests will be sent to organizations on your behalf, however, organizations will still be able to send introductions to you when browsing experts on the platform. This is a good option if you’re somewhat flexible, and open to engaging if the right opportunity comes along organically but not necessarily wanting to go through the process until that time.
  • To remove your profile from the expert search page: Set your search status to “Not Seeking,” which means that no introduction requests will be sent to organizations on your behalf, and that your profile will no longer be discoverable by interested organizations seeking an introduction to you.

If working apart we're a force powerful enough to destabilize our planet, surely working together we are powerful enough to save it.

- David Attenborough at COP26

Learn More About SAP CSR

SAP Corporate Social Responsibility is powering equitable access to economic opportunity, education and employment, and a green economy. With more than half of global citizens excluded from the digital economy, Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR at SAP is the social impact arm of the organization ensuring that all people, regardless of gender, geography, age, culture, ability, socio-economic status, etc. can participate in and benefit from today’s digital world. SAP CSR executes that strategy by focusing on three strategic program impact areas:

  1. Accelerating Social Business
  2. Building Future Skills
  3. Collaborating for Sustainability

Watch the video on this page to learn more about SAP’s commitment to social entrepreneurship and sustainability, and review our slide deck here.

To learn more about SAP’s CSR programs around the world, check out the SAP 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility EBook or visit sap.com.

Learn More About MovingWorlds

We are MovingWorlds, a global platform connecting and developing professionals, corporations, impact investors, and social enterprises building a more sustainable and equitable planet.

MovingWorlds operates three main initiatives:

  1. Educating and mobilizing professionals to use their careers and skills to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Social enterprise support programs, including the S-GRID program and our Global Experteering Network
  3. Corporate programming and consulting to help corporations scale social impact by educating and engaging employees and executives.

We have partnered with SAP to design, implement and manage the Acceleration Collective, to support social entrepreneurs while helping SAP employees grow in their careers.

Watch this video and visit movingworlds.org to learn more about us.