Fundación Capital

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Fundación Capital is a social enterprise that improves the financial lives of people living in poverty around the world. 

It designs and delivers solutions that make families more economically resilient, working with governments and financial institutions to co-create economic and productive opportunities. Leveraging digital technologies, research, and a growing network of stakeholders, it works to improve systems and change lives. 

To date, Fundación Capital has helped increase the economic prospects of more than six million people, primarily women and youth living in poverty, in collaboration with policymakers, banks and other stakeholders in 18 countries.

For its efforts and achievements in promoting economic citizenship, Fundación Capital has received international accolades from the Skoll Foundation, Schwab Foundation (World Economic Forum) and Ashoka.

Impact Story

For the billions of people living in poverty around the world, every day is a struggle to pay for basic needs, like food, shelter, medicine and education. To get out of poverty, people need reliable sources of income and access to finance to increase their earnings, but if you’re poor it’s particularly difficult to save money, make informed financial decisions, and manage your economic participation.

They say that when you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, but when you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime. However, he will never succeed if the price to rent a fishing rod is exorbitant, he has to borrow money at higher rates than most to buy bait, and he is not welcome at the river. If we want people to be financially stable, we need to address the drivers of exclusion, and improve the system as a whole, particularly for women who are more likely to be excluded from engaging in markets. To create lasting change, we need to work collaboratively with governments and banks to reach scale and use technology to drive down costs. 

Today, 1.7 billion adults lack access to a bank account and the ability to save money and safely borrow funds to invest in their businesses. 

That’s where we come in. 

Fundación Capital helps improve the financial lives of millions living in poverty around the world. We design and deliver solutions that make families more financially resilient, and work with governments and banks to create economic opportunities. 

When families enhance their economic well-being, they are not only able to get out of poverty but also stay out of poverty.  

To date, Fundación Capital has directly improved the financial lives of six million people, primarily women and youth, living in poverty. We have also collaborated with policymakers and financial institutions in 18 countries, whose work has increased economic prospects for more than 100 million people, successfully leveraging creative, cost-effective partnerships to improve systems and change lives.