Fundraising Expert to set up crowdfunding for water and healthcare projects

Support Poverty Alleviation in Arusha, Tanzania

Crowdfunding, Online Marketing, Fundraising, Social Media, Strategic Communications
Can Start: 
Can Stay: 
4 months to 23¾ months
Must Speak: 
Helpful if Speaks: 
Accommodations, Learning Opportunity, Meal Stipend, Good For Groups, Good For Families

We think this is an exciting project for the experienced fundraising professional to support poverty alleviation in Arusha, Tanzania.

Opportunity Details


Our organization is looking for a fundraising expert/pundit to help in setting up crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for our two urgent projects to be implemented at Chemka Village located in Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania. The first project is to raise USD 5,500 for connecting safe drinking water at Chemka Primary School. Due to lack of safe water pupils and teachers frequently suffer from diseases such as typhoid, Urinary Track Infections (UTIs) and schistosomiasis. These conditions are not only costly, but also perpetuate poverty among the children and their households. This project will help to improve school attendance, health and dignity of more than 250 pupils especially girl pupils.

Lack of healthcare service adversely affects health and dignity of more than 2,000 villagers especially the lives of more than 1,000 women and children. Due to lack of healthcare service within the village, children have lost lives, women have given birth on the road or at home under unsanitary condition and have suffered from pregnancy and birth-related complications. Moreover, the already poor families spend a lot of money in search for healthcare located far away outside their village. In Tanzania, almost 23 women die every day from birth-related complications or nearly one woman in every hour. This project will help to ensure sustainable access to healthcare facility for mothers, children and an entire village. 

We have some raw videos for the projects and so the Experteer is expected to finalize the micro-documentaries, write projects compelling stories for using in crowdfunding campaign. This work requires good computer skills ability, basic video editing, strong social media and story writing skills. One should expect to spend time both in the office and in the field.


The Experteer will be expected to raise USD 7,500 for connecting safe drinking water to Chemka Primary School. Also, the Experteer will be expected to raise funds to help in completing the construction of a dispensary facility at Chemka Village. We will know that the Experteer project is complete once we have the required funds for the dispensary at the village. 

Great for people with fundraising skills! Interested but not the right length? Like this organization and have an idea how your skills can help? Message us at:


  • Crowdfunding
  • Online Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Social Media
  • Strategic Communications


  • English


  • Swahili

We Provide These Local Benefits


The Experteer shall stay in a secure family compound but in a fully furnished apartment. There is a washing machine and a private kitchen to cook private meals whenever needed. Generally, there shall be a person cooking for the Experteer and many times he or she shall share meals with the host family. 


The Experteer will be provided with three meal course, breakfast, lunch and dinner. They shall be local meals and also Experteer traditional meals can be provided upon request and participation of the Experteer.  In the office, the will be coffee, tea and water throughout.


  • Swahili language and traditional meals
  • Experience traditional life in the rural communities
  • Traditional dance/music


  • Swahili language and traditional cooking lessons. 
  • One free game tour to Arusha National Park.
  • Welcome, induction, and support to settle for work and for life in the new environment.
  • A named contact person for support and help including processing of your work permit and tour excursions.
  • Opportunity to contribute your creativity and talents to advance FAE’s mission.
  • To get some time off-duty to socialize and enjoy the beauty of Tanzania.
  • To work in the office but also to visit project sites in the rural communities.
  • Free accommodation and an office space if relocating to Arusha.
  • Training to understand the organization, its mission, job role and deliverable expected from you.
  • Good working conditions in a fast-growing organization, a satisfactory and challenging job in a multicultural team.
  • To be thanked for your time through certificate of appreciation and a letter of recommendation.


This opportunity accepts applications for virtual experteers.

Questions & Answers About this Opportunity

Currently accepting applications

Apply by: 11/15/2017


Industry: Civic & Social Organization

Mission: Poverty Alleviation

Size: Startup: 2 - 5 persons

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