Fundraising professional experienced in grant writing and/or crowdfunding

Support Social Services in Bamenda, Cameroon

Crowdfunding, Fundraising
Can Start: 
as soon as possible
Can Stay: 
1¾ month to 12 months
Must Speak: 
Helpful if Speaks: 
French, Spanish, Dutch
Learning Opportunity

We think this is a meaningful project for the experienced fundraising professional to support social services in Bamenda, Cameroon.

Opportunity Details


We have identified 1300 children and young people in need, who have suffered from violence and have very little or no access to education and training.

  • 50% of these victims are orphans 
  • 30% are single parent underprivileged children living in poverty 
  • 20% are teenage mothers.

In June, 2014 we launched an ongoing project designed to empower these children through formal and informal education (vocational). Our impact so far - 260 children out of the 1300 identified are benefiting from this educational project. 

The project also seeks to create a rehabilitation centre for vulnerable and homeless children including their teenage mothers. In this centre they are offered care and training/education projects and also modern organic farming practices are delivered to educate families about sustainable agriculture. This agricultural project is delivered to help families understand the long-term potential of boosting agricultural productivity and improving the availability of good quality food, to help alleviate their poverty.

We need a fundraising expert who can help us to identify and approach new funding streams so that we can support more vulnerable families living in poverty. For example - support with creating fundraising campaigns, researching and writing bids for funding from international donor organizations/foundations or institutions, Philanthropist and potential donors who can support our work. 


To succeed in this project we are seeking an experteer to support us with the following:

  • Create and coordinate global fundraising campaigns 
  • Search for international donor organizations/foundations or institutions, Philanthropist and potential donors
  • Write bid applications (with the close support of the charity leadership team)
  • Pilot a crowdfunding campaign


  • Crowdfunding
  • Fundraising


  • English


  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch

We Provide These Local Benefits


Understanding the plight of families and their children living in poverty and the challenges they face in breaking out of the poverty cycle. Also the power of access to education to enable communities to create a better future for themselves. 



Free accommodation in private room in a house in the village, living with a local family. 

Potential of a bonus based on a percentage-of-funds-raised.


This opportunity accepts applications for virtual experteers.

Questions & Answers About this Opportunity

Currently accepting applications


Industry: Non-Profit

Mission: Social Services

Size: Medium sized organization: 25 - 100 persons

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