Kumba, Cameroon

Grantwriting Expert to Support Subsistence Farmers with Micro-finance

Support Zero Hunger

Skills Needed

  • Agriculture
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Nonprofit Operations

Estimated workload



Consultant (Typically 1 - 12 weeks)

Language Proficiencies

You must be able to speak English.

When Can You Start?

You can start Flexible




Project Details

Description and Impact

We are a micro-financing institution seeking support in grant writing and fundraising to support subsistence farmers in an impoverished community. Micro-finance is needed to improve the activities of smallholder farmers in the region as they have no other means of acquiring finances for their farming operations, and thus continue in the vicious cycle of acute hunger and extreme poverty. For this project, our Grantwriting manager would seek the best ways and means for improving an existing project titled "Village Financing & Agri - Business Empowerment Project". This is an innovative project which strives to support farmers with the needed finances, farm tools, equipment, improved seeds, chemicals, fertilizers as well as classes in agri-business development. The above farm inputs would be provided to farmers in the form of soft loans which they would have to pay with a small interest rate during harvesting season.

Presently in Cameroon, commercial banks do not offer credit to smallholder farmers because they cannot afford the legal backings and/or don't have enough savings in their accounts. The production capacity of smallholder farmers in remote communities continue to drop year round and youths are no longer interested in agriculture because of lack of the needed capital, farm tools, equipment, seeds, chemicals etc. Another aspect which this project strives to improve is setting up Village savings and loans associations (VSLAs) in order to benefit subsistence farmers in the region. With the creation of VSLAS, these farmers would be mobilized in carrying out savings and loans operations to increase agricultural production and productivity.

This project will have a great impact on the lives of the population of our community. If this project is successful, smallholder farmers will have the available manpower, finances, agricultural inputs, equipment, and markets for their produce and products as well as education and training in modern farming technology etc.


With the support of our Experteer, this project is expected to yield positive results and help us realize our SDG of "ZERO HUNGER" . 

Our Grantwriting and Fundraising Manager would be creating a micro-finance tool in our community to fuel the needs of impoverished farmers and small business owners (especially women). With this innovative approach, the population would embrace farming as a business.

Deliverables we expect of the Experteer during their project include:

  • Training support to the management and staff of the micro-finance service
  • Developing a fundraising strategy, including some execution of this strategy by the experteer

We Provide These Local Benefits

Benefits Overview

  • Accommodations
  • Learning Opportunity
  • Meal Stipend


We can provide a private room in a shared house

Learning Opportunity

Learn a social enterprise from the inside

Hands-on experience and leadership development

Non-profit operations

Life in remote rural villages

Sustainable Development

Food Stipend

We can provide lunches.

Additional Benefits

We can provide site seeing, cooking classes, language classes and sports


This project accepts applications for virtual experteers.

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